Cycling Westfjords is a game or challenge for cyclists along the new Westfjords route.
There are three challenging routes that have been drawn. 
The routes are called 
Merlin (about 809 km long and 11300 m elevation gain), 
Falcon (about 1044 km and 14830 m elevation gain) 
and Eagle (about 1200 km and 19,400 m elevation gain). 
You register in a pre-determined route, receive a starter pack at the starting point and instructions for your challenge and information about service providers. At the end of the route, you will receive a certificate of recognition.
Along the way, you have to take pictures at predetermined places, which you submit for proof of your way.

The routes are based on a points system and you will receive different points depending on which route you choose (e.g. 30 points for Svalvogur, 20 for Hrafnseyrarheiði but none for the tunnel). You must meet a certain number of points to earn your recognition. There is no time limit on the way and can therefore be completed in many years.

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