Merlin Passport Route


At 809 km, the Merlin is a great route option for riders that may be time limited and want to stay mostly on tarmac. It stays mainly on the traditional course of the Westfjords Way, traversing some of the best scenery, hot pots, cafes and waterfalls the Westfjords has to offer.


Route Highlights

  • 809 km [500 mi]
  • 11,300 m [45,000 ft] of climbing
  • 18% gravel
  • 14 Passport Stops (totally 300 points)
  • Best for those who want to stay on the main roads of the Westfjords
  • Recommended bike: Gravel bike with 35mm tires or similar


  • Route map GPX file (email for more info about pre-drawn and custom routes)
  • Consultation call with local experts to plan your route and answer questions
  • Required and recommended gear/ clothing lists
  • Discounts at hotels, restaurants and museums
  • Starter pack including a Cycling Westfjords map and guidebook
  • Bike box storage
  • Local knowledge and support in case anything goes wrong
  • Cycling Westfjords microfiber towel
  • Certificate of Achievement upon route completion

Passport Stops

  • Ísafjörður – village
  • Súðavík – village
  • Litlibær í Skötufirði – cafe
  • Steingrímsfjarðarheiði – mountain pass
  • Hólmavík – village
  • Laxárdalsheiði – mountain pass
  • Búðardalur – village
  • Flókalundur/Brjánslækur – restaurant/ hotel and hot pot
  • Patreksfjörður – village
  • Tálknafjörður – village
  • Bíldudalur – village
  • Þingeyri – village
  • Flateyri – village
  • Bolungarvík – village

Discount List


  • Hótel Ísafjörður 15% discount for the night
  • Heydalur -15% discount of accommodation
  • Laugarhóll (Hótel Laugarhóll) 451-3380 15% discount for the night at the hotel, free camping, free swimming. You can store the bike in the gym room. Please order dinner in advance.
  • Hótel Djúpavík  20% discount  for accommodation 10% discount of food and drink
  • Broddanes – – Special offer for the night, 4500 per person for a bed  in a room for 4-6people. 11.500 for a two person room. They have a garage for the bikes. Option to have made up beds for extra charge.
  • Kastalinn Búðardal  – 20% discount of the second night and if you stay with us you get 15% discount of an hour horse ride.
  • Dalakot guesthouse -15% discount of accommodation
  • Hótel Vogur -15% discount of accommodation
  • Laugar í Sælingsdal -15% discount for accommodation
  • Mýrartunga    Whole house for 10-12 people usually only rented out for two nights but we can book it for one night for 40.000.-, or both houses plus the extra cabin for 80.000.- (beds for 26 people) and laundry done for you.
  • Flókalundur  -10% for accommodation
  • Rauðsdalur 10% discount of accommodation
  • Hnjótur (Örlygshöfn) 456-1596, 893-8024 Guesthouse, museum  -15% discount
  • Stekkaból guesthouse 10% discount of accommodations
  • Kirkjuból (Korpudalur) 456-7808 Guesthouse – 15% discount of accommodation and they have to clean and repair the bikes.

Food and drink

  • Mamma Nína – 10% discount of all 12” and 16” pizzas on menu
  • Tjöruhúsið 1000 kr discount on food – 6000.- full price is 7000.-
  • Litlibær – A waffle with cream and jam/a cake + coffee/tee/coco for 1200.- instead of 1500.-
  • Ögur cafe special deal: soup of the day with bread plus coffee and cake for 1750.-
  • Hótel Djúpavík 10% discount of food and drink
  • Sheep Farming Museum 10% discount of menu all day, coffee, cake, lamb, soup etc. Also 50% discount for access to the museum (500.- instead of 1000.-)
  • The Leif Eiríksson Center in Búðardalur 25% discount of guided tour and 20% discount of heavy soup with free refill.
  • Vestur restaurant – Special deals Chicken soup 990.- Cheeseburger 1590.- Vegan Taco 990.-
  • Hótel Sandafell -20% of food and drink (not valued for happy hour between 5pm and 7pm)
  • Gemlufall Café 10% discount of food

Museums and others

  • BOLUNGARVÍK  For those who are camping in Bolungarvík camping area, free entrance to the swimming pool . Need to show the Bolungarvík picture at the entrance.
  • The Witchcraft museum – free entrance!
  • Eiríksstaðir 25% discount of tour with a guide and a quick nap in Eiríkur Rauðis bed!
  • The Leif Eiríksson Center excebition/Cafe 25% discount of guided tour
  • Kastalinn Búðardal-horsbackriding  (see accommodation)
  • Hversdagssafnið/Everyday museum- 50% discount of entrance = 500kr per person
  • Byggðasafnið og Smiðjan (museums) Þingeyri, 1000kr entrance fee valued for both museums for two days.