211 km • Ride the Best of the Westfjords in a Day • July 28

Endless waffles, waterfalls,
Gravel & midnight Sun.

midnight start, July 28, 2024

ride the final stage of
the arna westfjords way Challenge

Get ready for the Final stage.

July 28, 2024

211 km [131 m], 3,871 m [12,700 ft] of gain.

The Arctic Fish Midnight Special is a brand new one day gravel race that incorporates the final and most challenging stage of the Arna Westfjords Way.
After following along with the challenge all week, 100 new riders will join the race in Patreksfjörður for the midnight start of Stage Four, which features a 3am waffle party at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum, a stop for food at the must-see Dynjandi waterfall, the famous Svalvogar low-tide road, and if we’re lucky – the snow bridge across the final mountain pass before descending back into Ísafjörður for the finisher’s party.


The 2024 race entry fees are as follows:

  • 29.500 ISK early bird pricing from October 25 till November 1
  • 34.500 ISK after November 
Entry fee includes: 
  • Entrance to the race
  • Bag and bike box storage at the Fjord Hub in Ísafjörður
  • Entrance to the Adventure Day Basecamp
  • Lunch at FLAK
  • GPS tracking (device rental not included)
  • Coffee + Waffles at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum (limit 2 servings)
  • Light snacks at Hrafnseyri
  • Coffee + Pastries at Kaffi Sól (limit 2 servings)
  • Entrance, first beer, and dinner at the finisher’s party

getting here

The Arctic Fish Midnight Special race begins in Patreksfjörður, a picturesque and remote village in the Southern Westfjords.

There are a few ways you might choose to get here: 
  • Driving from Reykjavik takes about 5 hours. You might also choose to drive to Ísafjörður first to explore the rest of the Westfjords, and then take the two and a half hour drive to Patreksfjörður. 
  • Flights from Reykjavik to Ísafjörður run twice daily.
  • Once in Ísafjörður, you may choose to take the race bus or rent a car or work out a car-share.

The Arctic Fish Midnight Special is presented by Arctic Fish. Look forward to tasting their locally and sustainably farmed fish throughout race week!

Get ready for the westfjords.

Explore race Day highlights.

Patreksfjörður Adventure Day

The Race begins in Patreksfjörður, a picturesque village in the Southern Westfjords. Arna WFWC riders will be enjoying an Adventure + Rest day, and you are welcome to join by setting up bikes at the Adventure Day Basecamp, heading to the pool, or taking the day to explore. 

FLAK Lunch

Join 200 riders for an authentic Icelandic fish-fry (with vegan options available) at FLAK. This is one of the best meals of race week, so you won’t want to miss it!

Midnight Group Start

The race begins with the pass from Patreksfjörður to Tálknafjörður (wave hello to the Arctic Fish headquarters), and then straight into the next pass which drops you in Bíldudalur. Riders will arrive sometime between 1:30-3:00 and be greeted with an early-morning waffle party at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum. Fuel up here before the day’s first stretch of beautiful gravel which follows the inside of the next fjord and passes some of the best stops of the day.

Waffle Party at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum

Descending into Bíldudalur, riders will be greeted with an early-morning waffle party at The Icelandic Sea Monster Museum. Fuel up on coffee, waffles and local folklore before the day’s first stretch of beautiful gravel which follows the inside of the next fjord and passes some of the best stops of the day.

Foss Waterfall

Foss Waterfall greets you at the bottom of the fjord after warming up on some flat gravel. Slow down to fill up water and listen for the music coming from the abandoned car nearby – a curious and quirky installation set up by the local landowner.

A-Frame Sheep Shack

Following the gravel along the fjord, you’ll immediately recognize this instagram-famous sheep shack. Stop for a photo, and venture inside to explore a seasonal art exhibit.


Next up, right off the road you’ll find a perfect spot for a mid-ride dip before ascending the next mountain pass. Choose from the natural hot spring, or manmade pool featuring a hot and cold side. 


The longest mountain pass of the day traverses fields of lakes and incredible views of the fjords far beneath. Rolling hills at the top seem never ending before the epic descent that follows the massive river feeding the Dynjandi waterfall.

Dynjandi Waterfall

Finish your descent and turn into Dynjandi, the thunderous pearl of the Westfjords. No trip to the Westfjords is complete without a stop here. Take a moment to walk up and enjoy the mist, and enjoy a light snack provided by the race before getting back on the bike for even more gravel.


Ask anyone who has ridden the Westfjords Way and they will tell you this is the most beautiful road in the world they’ve ever ridden. Svalvogar is a gravel road cut straight into the side of the cliff by a determined local farmer. At high tide, part of the road is swallowed by the sea, and you’ll be riding right at the water’s edge. Prepare for numerous river crossings (knee-deep) and some technical portions where the road turns beach full of large, loose stones. As you navigate around the remote peninsula, you will eventually make your way back to civilization where a warm coffee and meal await you.

Endless Coffee & Waffles

When the gravel ends, the coziness continues! Take a moment of much deserved rest at Hrafnseyri, Simbahöllin cafe, at or Kaffi Sól before tackling the last mountain pass.


The final climb + descent, and location of the infamous snow-bridge. We save the best (and toughest) for last with the highest and chunkiest mountain pass of the race. Push up the gravel road to the final peak, where you may just have to hike-a-bike across the final bit of snow-covered road. Finally, enjoy your last descent of the day, with Ísafjörður in the distance and the finisher’s party within reach.

Finisher’s party

Celebrate the epic day! The finisher’s party will be held in Ísafjörður. Your first drink is free, and we will spend the evening welcoming riders, announcing winners and sharing stories from an incredible day (and week, for those that raced the full Arna WFWC). 

Ísafjörður Pier Jump

After all of the celebrations and awards  have been made, solidify your ride the Westfjords way! Jump into the fjord at Ísafjörður pier along with Arna WFWC riders! All jumpers will receive a Cycling Westfjords towel to get dried off with.

see you at the start line!


Send us an email at cyclingwestfjords@gmail.com