Passport Routes

Your Self-Supported Ride + Our Local Knowledge

Welcome to the Westfjords of Iceland — a remote place where mountains meet the sea. Out here, weather can be harsh and unpredictable, but a hot pot and warm hospitality is never too far away.

We want everyone to experience the Westfjords the best way we know how: on a bike. With small towns, lots of open space, and limited services, biking in Iceland can be quite a challenge if you’re not prepared. Our passport routes mix self-supported riding with local knowledge so you can ride assured that you have the best information and support to make your tour successful. All you have to do is bring your bike!

Passport Routes

Routes for every length and level of adventure

The Expressway

5 or 6 days • 30 % gravel

530 km or 665 km

The Roadway

8-11 days • 20% gravel

77 – 110 km per day

The Westfjords Way

8-14 days • 40% gravel

86 – 115 km per day

The Ultimate

12-16 days • 50% gravel

90 – 105 km per day


Let us help you create the perfect route for your pace and adventure level

What's Included?

Biking in Iceland, especially the Westfjords, can be unpredictable. Our services will help keep you on the road and prepare you for a successful trip.
Purchasing a Passport Route gives you access to a wealth of vital local knowledge. Over the years, our team has worked to develop routes and re-reroute options, locate shelters and alternative accommodations, and keep in touch with local business owners to make sure cyclists are well taken care of. 
Passport Routes help guarantee the best possible cycling trip in the Westfjords. Each purchase includes:
  • Route map GPX file (email for more info about pre-drawn and custom routes)
  • Consultation call with local experts to plan your route and answer questions
  • Recommended gear/ clothing lists
  • Discounts at restaurants and museums 
  • Starter pack including a Cycling Westfjords map, microfiber towel and guidebook
  • Access to bike shop
  • On-route support in case anything goes wrong
  • Certificate of Achievement upon route completion

Passport Points

Make the most of your cycling tour by experiencing the culture of the Westfjords. Join the hundreds of other cyclists who are taking on the Westfjords at their own pace by adding up points for stopping at natural and cultural points of interest!

Take a photo at these predetermined towns, hot pots, landmarks and museums and submit them as you go through our website. All passport riders will be listed on the season-end Passport Route  leaderboard showing their total of cultural points. Whoever ends the summer with the most points will receive a shoutout on our social channels and some Cycling Westfjords swag.

Point of Interest Points Point of Interest points
Ísafjörður town 10 Flókalundur/Brjánslækur 20
Súðavík 20 Rauðisandur 10
Litlibær Skötufirði 10 Keflavík 10
Mjóifjörður bottom 10 Látrabjarg 20
Hestakleif 10 Hænuvík 10
Vatnsfjarðarnes 10 Patreksfjörður 30
Steingrímsfjarðarheiði 10 Tálknafjörður 30
Langidalur 10 Selárdalur 20
Drangsnes 30 Bíldudalur 30
Djúpavík 20 Hrafnseyrarheiði 20
Norðurfjörður 30 Svalvogar/Álftamýrarheiði 30
Hólmavík 30 Þingeyri 30
Borðeyri 10 Dýrafjarðarbotn 10
Laxárdalsheiði 10 Önundarfjarðarbotn 10
Eiríksstaðir 20 Flateyri 30
Búðardalur 10 Breiðadalsheiði 20
Klofningsvegur 20 Suðureyri 30
Flekkudalsrétt 10 Reiðhjallavirkjun 20
Gilsfjörður 10 Bolungarvík 30
Reykhólar 20 Bolafjall 10
Mjóifjörður 10 Skálavík 10
Þingmannaheiði 20

The highs and lows of biking in Iceland are unforgettable. Luckily, we know the Westfjords. With the help of local experts, you can help ensure your trip goes simply and smoothly so you can spend more time enjoying everything the Westfjords has to offer.