Arna Westfjords Way Challenge

Race Vision

First and foremost, the Arna Westfjords Way Challenge is about creating a meaningful connection with people and place.

Our innovative race format encourages riders to slow down and interact with the landscape while still being competitive. As a race centered around cultural connection, the event should remain true to and reflect what makes this place special. That’s why our race is sponsored by the local companies that help this region thrive. From local food products to goods and services, riders are immersed in culture through the support of local businesses, and the local economy directly benefits from the event. The race also connects the region across boundaries, bringing together people, businesses and communities.

Second, the Arna Westfjords Way Challenge should be representative of the global cycling community.

While based in Iceland, the Arna Westfjords Way Challenge is representative of the international cycling community that has a long history of underrepresentation of women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) riders. Through a stepped registration system and BIPOC Scholarship (drawing/lottery), we aim to break down barriers and create space for an event field that is inclusive and representative of all the people who are pushing their limits on bikes around the world. Part of this commitment includes pushing for equal representation of men and women in the race field, which is why 50% of the registration spots will remain reserved for women and non-binary riders until January 11. 

*Note: We use the term women in the broadest definition to include cis, trans, or any women-identifying persons.


All of these efforts work towards an event that is inclusive and representative of Iceland and the global cycling community as a whole.

Our vision is to host an event that pushes the limits of adventure while cultivating local knowledge, global representation and space for cultural exchange – because we believe the Westfjords are best experienced by bike, and everyone should have the opportunity to take on the challenge