Cycling Westfjords assists you with tour planning and offers information about services on the route that you choose. Cycling Westfjords provides you with a certificate of achievement according to the point system upon completion of your route.  You are fully self-supported and on your own responsibility while on your trip. Cycling Westfjords is not responsible for road conditions or weather, and only provides information about your trip. In the event that you are in need of immediate assistance, call 112. If your event is non-threatening, Cycling Westfjords may be contacted and will suggest information on what to do. Cycling Westfjords does not offer a pick-up service if you are in need, but may do so if conditions allow for it.

Registration fees are non-refundable. You may request a transfer of registration to another individual by writing to Your registration is valid for three years and after that will no longer be valid.  You will be required to sign a personal liability waiver and will take full responsibility for your own safety. Minimum age to participate is 18 years old. 

You are responsible for your own insurance, if you choose to have it, and it is highly recommended. Your policy should cover your personal liability and medical expenses while traveling abroad, with the primary activity being biking. You must plan to dress appropriately for the conditions at all times and carry enough equipment to cope with unexpected stops/mechanicals. You must follow COVID-19 requirements and other regulations set forth by the Icelandic government and you are responsible for understanding them. 

Cycling Westfjords is not responsible for any damage you cause on your tour, such as, but not limited to, your own bike and equipment or other’s properties or people.

Law and Venue

The provisions and terms of this must be interpreted in accordance with Icelandic law. In the event of a dispute or does anyone believe that he/she/they has a claim against Cycling Westfjords ehf Id. 611221-3200, Aðalstræti 12, 400 Ísafjörður on the basis of these provisions and terms, such a dispute or claim will be referred to the Icelandic courts.