For Riders Ready to Take on a Challenge

Cycling Races in the Westfjords of Iceland

Welcome to the Westfjords — home of the Arna Westfjords Way — a brand new ultra-endurance race format that prioritizes cultural connection. 

If you’re ready to take on a challenge while soaking in the culture and community of the Westfjords with cyclists from around the world, join us for one of our races! We host two races each summer so riders of all levels and styles can take on a challenge in the Westfjords.

Join us for the classic Arna Westfjords Way Challenge over five days, or for the final Stage Arctic Fish Midnight Special. 

Experience the race that started it all

4 Stages • 5 Days • 960 km/ 595 mi

Join for the final stage and ride the best of the Westfjords in a day

1 day • 211 km/ 131 mi

The highs and lows of cycling in the Westfjords are unforgettable. With the help of local experts, you can help ensure your trip goes simply and smoothly so you can spend more time enjoying everything the Westfjords has to offer.