Custom Route

150 650 

Work with our team of local experts to create a custom route, perfect for your pace and adventure level. We will help you pick out the best places to stop, refuel and stay in the Westfjords.

*Note: Custom passport routes are €650 for solo riders. If you are riding in a group, the primary group contact should purchase the €650 option. All additional group members cost €150. 

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  • Consultation call with local experts to plan your route and answer questions
  • Route map GPX file (created for you after a consultation call)
  • Required and recommended gear/ clothing lists
  • Discounts at hotels, restaurants and museums
  • Starter pack including a Cycling Westfjords map and guidebook
  • Bike box storage
  • Local knowledge and support in case anything goes wrong
  • Cycling Westfjords microfiber towel
  • Certificate of Achievement upon route completion

Discount List


  • Hótel Ísafjörður 15% discount for the night
  • Heydalur -15% discount of accommodation
  • Laugarhóll (Hótel Laugarhóll) 451-3380 15% discount for the night at the hotel, free camping, free swimming. You can store the bike in the gym room. Please order dinner in advance.
  • Hótel Djúpavík  20% discount  for accommodation 10% discount of food and drink
  • Broddanes – – Special offer for the night, 4500 per person for a bed  in a room for 4-6people. 11.500 for a two person room. They have a garage for the bikes. Option to have made up beds for extra charge.
  • Kastalinn Búðardal  – 20% discount of the second night and if you stay with us you get 15% discount of an hour horse ride.
  • Dalakot guesthouse -15% discount of accommodation
  • Hótel Vogur -15% discount of accommodation
  • Laugar í Sælingsdal -15% discount for accommodation
  • Mýrartunga    Whole house for 10-12 people usually only rented out for two nights but we can book it for one night for 40.000.-, or both houses plus the extra cabin for 80.000.- (beds for 26 people) and laundry done for you.
  • Flókalundur  -10% for accommodation
  • Rauðsdalur 10% discount of accommodation
  • Hnjótur (Örlygshöfn) 456-1596, 893-8024 Guesthouse, museum  -15% discount
  • Stekkaból guesthouse 10% discount of accommodations
  • Kirkjuból (Korpudalur) 456-7808 Guesthouse – 15% discount of accommodation and they have to clean and repair the bikes.

Food and drink

  • Mamma Nína – 10% discount of all 12” and 16” pizzas on menu
  • Tjöruhúsið 1000 kr discount on food – 6000.- full price is 7000.-
  • Litlibær – A waffle with cream and jam/a cake + coffee/tee/coco for 1200.- instead of 1500.-
  • Ögur cafe special deal: soup of the day with bread plus coffee and cake for 1750.-
  • Hótel Djúpavík 10% discount of food and drink
  • Sheep Farming Museum 10% discount of menu all day, coffee, cake, lamb, soup etc. Also 50% discount for access to the museum (500.- instead of 1000.-)
  • The Leif Eiríksson Center in Búðardalur 25% discount of guided tour and 20% discount of heavy soup with free refill.
  • Vestur restaurant – Special deals Chicken soup 990.- Cheeseburger 1590.- Vegan Taco 990.-
  • Hótel Sandafell -20% of food and drink (not valued for happy hour between 5pm and 7pm)
  • Gemlufall Café 10% discount of food

Museums and others

  • BOLUNGARVÍK  For those who are camping in Bolungarvík camping area, free entrance to the swimming pool . Need to show the Bolungarvík picture at the entrance.
  • The Witchcraft museum – free entrance!
  • Eiríksstaðir 25% discount of tour with a guide and a quick nap in Eiríkur Rauðis bed!
  • The Leif Eiríksson Center excebition/Cafe 25% discount of guided tour
  • Kastalinn Búðardal-horsbackriding  (see accommodation)
  • Hversdagssafnið/Everyday museum- 50% discount of entrance = 500kr per person
  • Byggðasafnið og Smiðjan (museums) Þingeyri, 1000kr entrance fee valued for both museums for two days.