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    Custom Route

    Work with our team of local experts to create a custom route, perfect for your pace and adventure level. We will help you pick out the best places to stop, refuel and stay in the Westfjords.
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    The Expressway Passport Route

    5 Days, 2 route options: 530 km [330 mi] or 665 km [413 mi]

    Want to experience the Westfjords Way in under a week? This tour takes all of the highlights of the Westfjords Way with less distance.

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    The Roadway Passport Route

    8 or 11 Days

    The Roadway is a great route option for riders looking to push their riding to new limits and experience the Westfjords while staying on more predictable roads.

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    The Ultimate Passport Route

    12, 14 or 16 Days

    The Ultimate route is for the strong and relentless – nothing can stop them. They explore what others aren’t able to. The route incorporates old forgotten roads and mountain passes, and traverses the most remote and wildest terrain of the Westfjords. This route is perfect for riders with a bit more time and flexibility, who are …

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    The Westfjords Way Passport Route

    8, 11 or 14 Days

    Follow the official Westfjords Way Route established by Chris Burkard, Lael Wilcox, Rue Kaladyte, Payson McElveen and Nichole Baker in 2021.